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We focus on providing our students with a warm, chassidishe environment.

The dorm counselors exemplify positive role models, providing guidance and support to the students. The dorm mother, known for her attentiveness, warmth and reliability, ensures that students feel safe and cared for throughout their time in the dorm.

Bedroom Interior

The Dorm

The Bais Chana Dorm is where the girls become family in a warm, positive, and safe environment.

Two experienced dorm counselors and a dorm mother attend to the physical and emotional well-being of the girls with the utmost care and support. The accommodations are comfortable and close to the school, plentiful with nutritious food and meets all the gashmius needs of the girls. 

After school hours, the girls have opportunities to participate in nightly activities and programming run by our Bnos Chabad. These programs will help foster bonding and growth, while also leaving room for creativity, recreation, exercise and more. 

Meet the Team

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