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Live this Sunday, March 20th: Raising the Rebbe’s Daughters.

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

An expert panel will be gathering on zoom to discuss the chinuch for today’s teenage girls. Featuring the Consultant Vaad HaChinuch of Bais Chana High School opening in Brandywine Valley - R’ Shais Taub, R’ Mendy Levin, R’ Shmuel Lew, and R’ Yitzchak Wolf. This panel will address questions and concerns brought up by parents and mechanchim to address the needs and opportunities that arise as our daughters go through their teen years. Moderating the panel will be Mrs. Rochel Flikshtein, founder and dean of the Bais Chana High School which will be opening up for the 2022-2023 school year. Bais Chana’s mission is to empower their girls to embody a personal connection to their yiddishkeit, and a passion in being a bas Chabad. Engendering a growth environment, girls become confident, educated, connected, passionate, and happy young women. Building on the vision of the Rebbe for chinuch and learning from the wisdom of the Consultant Vaad Hachinuch, the school administration has been working hard on creating an applicable, chassidus-based curriculum and gathering passionate, seasoned staff who will be directly involved with the students. Bais Chana High School is excited to open this panel discussion with the men’s Consultant Vaad HaChinuch on Sunday, 17 Adar II - March 20th, discussing girls’ chinuch today. The panel zoom is open for parents and mechanchim worldwide. March 20th at 4 PM: join us at

Bais Chana has announced that they’re excited to be opening registration next week! You can find out more information at or on our Facebook or Instagram. You can also email directly.


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