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Join us on a Journey of Growth, Knowledge, Connection, and Respect.

Bias Chana High School is 2.5 hours from Crown Heights, 45 minutes from Philadelphia and South Jersey. 

Offering a warm, chassidishe and growth-oriented environment; perfect for students looking for an intimate out-of-town school experience. With our professionally designed curriculum, schedule and extracurricular opportunities, we focus on bringing out each girls potential both in and out of the classroom. This is the place for girls looking to grow and connect.



Hey there, supporters of Bais Chana High School's growth journey! 


Ready to be a part of transforming lives through our "Growth" campaign? 


Our school, Bais Chana High School, is on a mission to nurture growth and change in the lives of girls. 

Our goal? To raise $150,000 and fuel our expansion efforts! We're already witnessing incredible growth, with more students joining and thriving than ever before. 

Our Approach

At Bais Chana,

our dedicated teachers and staff create a

supportive and caring environment that fosters personal growth, intellectual

and social success accompanied with chassidish values, joy and ahava in

every aspect of life.

Blurry Lights

BCHS put on its first production in conjunction with the Cheder Chabad of Philadelphia! Click below to see photos.

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