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Why Bais Chana?

Bais Chana High School offers a warm, chassidishe and growth-oriented environment; perfect for students looking for an intimate out-of-town school experience. With a professionally designed curriculum, schedule and extracurricular opportunities, we focus on bringing out each girl's potential both in and out of the classroom. This is the place for girls looking to grow and connect.


Bais Chana Raffle 5784!

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שבת י’ז שבט
Sponsored by
for an aliyas neshama for
Moshe Lazer ben Shmuel Yonah


Our Shabbos Sponsors give our student body a Shabbos to remember. It covers the expenses for Shabbos programming, the cost of travel to and from our Shabbos location, for the meals, speakers, and activities throughout Shabbos. 

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