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Who We Are

Our Mission

The Rebbe once asked a chossid, “You learn and you learn, but in your actions, where is the faith?” 

Now more than ever, it is imperative to highlight and encourage the singularity of what we learn in the books and how we think and act in our daily lives. 

Through personal development and academic excellence, Bais Chana High School students will discover how to integrate Torah teachings into daily living. We will educate young women to connect what they learn in the classroom to their personal growth as they embody lessons in their thoughts, speech, and actions to use regularly in their essential shlichus. 


Through employing the Rebbe’s revolutionary vision in education, our girls will feel connected to their Creator, their core and their community. They will have the confidence and joy to cultivate and share their unique gifts with the world!

Our Legacy


Rebbetzin Chana was the epitome of a Chassidishe woman. It is her legacy we wish to pass on to our students. We choose to name our school Bais Chana because of everything Rebbetzin Chana personified: Compassion, dignity, kindness, dedication to her family and Torah values. 


The Rebbe often pointed out that Rebbetzin Chana’s name is an acronym of the three special mitzvos that were given to women - Challah, Nidah, and Hadlakat Neirot. Her very name inspires and reminds us of the unique value and mission we have as Jewish women. This is the legacy our students will carry on.

Her special legacy lives on through those who have been

named for her and the many institutions that carry her name. Bais Chana High School in Delaware is one more testimony to her leadership and the continuation of her remarkable love for others through our students.


May she be an inspiration to us all.

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