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Our Programs

Our curriculum covers all ranges of topics, with a priority of giving context and relevance, and a goal to create independent thinkers.

Academic Style

Block Scheduling

To enhance student success and give time for proper application, the schedule is tailored with five seventy-minute periods a day. The period is split between instruction, peer learning, and independent work depending on the subject. Our students complete the day feeling productive and fulfilled.

Two Semesters

The year is divided into two semesters with more minor subjects switching between both. This means less overwhelm for our students and each subject is given real time and solid focus for optimal progress.

Class Differentiation

Students may choose between skill-building and advanced options for each subject. In some subjects this means textual and conceptual differentiation, and in other classes the divide is in foundational basics versus higher learning.

Real Life Skills

Our Extra Curricular classes include CPR Certification, Art, and a personal growth GROW class to help students connect with Yiddishkeit on a personal level. We focus on subjects and a teaching style wherein the student gains the most practical and usable information for their future.

Student Support

With a full time Academic Director and a tutor on staff, our students receive the upmost support for their school subjects. Our students have someone to turn to when they are struggling and we make sure to implement whatever help is needed. 

Chesed Opportunities 

We are proud to have our students participate in the BetterTogether program, pairing teens with seniors to bringing joy and Yiddishkeit to our community. Also at Bais Chana, we join with Chabad of Delaware to teach children to read Hebrew at JKids and to help get ready for community programs.

Regular & Extra Curricular Classes

Limudei Kodesh

Our challenging Judaic studies curricula will provide our students with a solid foundation of Chassidish and Jewish topics. Chumash, Navi, Tanya, and Halacha are taught in a contextual and applicable manner, so that each student can find herself in the text.

Extra Curricular

Our curriculum provides our students with the hands-on knowledge they need. Students will come away from their time at Bais Chana with real-world, applicable skills that helps them tap into and fulfill their unique mission. Our personal growth model is based on the Applied Chassidus approach. In addition, students are given the unique opportunity of meeting weekly one-on-one with a mentor of their choice to better channel their growth and direction.

Limudei Chol

The general studies program provides instruction in the core content areas of reading, math, science, and social studies. Our educators have catered the material to meet the students’ educational and personal needs, with tools to apply classroom lessons into daily life. An emphasis is placed on helping girls build a foundation of productivity and creativity. 

Personal Growth

Students will enjoy extra curricular programs that challenge their minds and contribute to their personal growth. Programs such as website, bookkeeping and finance, public speaking, sports and nutrition, culinary arts, and music, will be offered to the girls. Each will have the ability to master their own unique potential. 

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