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A High School With a Growth Mindset

At Bais Chana High School, we're all about helping students grow personally and academically. Students don't just learn to take a test, but also to think and connect what they learn in the classroom to their personal growth and connection to Hashem.

It's no secret that the key factor in Bais Chana's growth has been its dedicated staff led by founder and principal Mrs. Rochel Flikshtein. This year we're excited to welcome back returning staff while bringing on additional people to meet our growing school needs.

We're excited to announce the addition of Mrs. Kesem Mia Hetzrony as Program Director, Mrs. Rivkie Browstein as Dorm Mother and Rabbi Avner Anton as Academic Director. Our staff includes seasoned educators, shluchos, and administrative personnel, all committed to Bais Chana's mission of nurturing students emotionally, academically, and spiritually.

Almost doubling in enrollment, Bais Chana recognizes the need for additional accommodations. BCHS has recently obtained a second dorm and expanded its school space to include additional classrooms and offices. This growth in the actual structure of the school is a reflection of the growth mindset that lies at the core of BCHS.

As we are in a year of Hakhel, please join us in supporting the multifaceted growth of our school. Together, we can continue empowering the next generation and make a lasting impact! Every little bit makes a BIG difference and out collective effort can make this happen! We saw miracles last year as so many people came together to help out, and we hope for an incredibly successful campaign this year as well!

Grow with us in raising $150,000 in 36 hours!

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