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Bais Chana Admissions is Open!

Don't go to school just to learn!

At Bais Chana, the Rebbe's words are our reality; the Rebbe's vision, our mandate.

In Igros Kodesh Chelek Yud (pg 48), the Rebbe declares that the role of today's schools are no longer just edifices of education. They must stand as fortresses of Yiddishkiet, protecting and empowering today's youth.

Bais Chana High School is founded as a fortress for today's girls. Here, students will learn, but more importantly they will thrive. Torah Milashon Hora'a, as life is lived through their learning.

Palpable simcha and chayus reverberates through every aspect of our school, empowering our girls to find meaning and purpose in all they learn and do.

With our tremendous Vaad of Rabbanim, Mechanchos, Shluchos, and seasoned educators, we have culled together an ideal high school structure that meets the needs of today's Chassidish girls.

We know your daughter can't wait to be a part of this! But space is extremely limited!

Registration for the 5783 school year is now open, and only 18 applicants will be accepted for the 9th grade class! (

This is an incredible opportunity for girls who are ready to be the pioneers of a most uplifting school and learning environment that will address their emotional, cognitive and social development.

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