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BCHS Campaign is live!

You care about Hashem’s children.

You care about the Rebbe’s directive for our generation.

You care about Bais Chana High School of the Brandywine Valley because it’s the Rebbe’s school.

After years of extensive forethought, organizing and planning, the time has come for Bais Chana High School to open its doors, and you can hold the key!

Partner with Bais Chana High School as they bring the Rebbe's revolutionary approach to educating today's students to life.

Bais Chana is more than just a school. It is a global resource for all of the Rebbe's Daughters. This is a moisad where every Bas Chabad can feel at home, grow, learn and develop the love and connection to her personal Avoida in chassidus. Together, they are creating a beautiful paradigm for their school system, one that will have broad reaching effects on the chinuch of today's Bnos Chabad.

Their four year curricular map encompasses every aspect of Chinuch, encouraging the student's emotional, scholastic, and spiritual growth. Bais Chana emphasizes the true beauty of being a Bas Melech, creating a nurturing environment that fosters love and awareness of Hashem. The program strives to provide a chinuch that focuses on the whole person by providing practical life skills, tools for interpersonal relationships, and guidance for sustainable Chassidishkiet and growth.

Bais Chana was founded upon years of guidance and direction from experienced mechanchim and mashpim such as R' Shmuel Lew, Rabbi Shais Taub, Rabbi Mendy Levin, and Rabbi Yitzchak Wolf, Mrs. Bassie Gorelik, Mrs. Dena Gorkin, and Mrs. Nechama Laber.

"We clearly see the power teenage girls have to transform themselves… and the world!" Mrs. Rochel Flikshtein, dean and founder of Bais Chana.

"All along this process, we have felt the Rebbe's guidance and brachos. At each turn and hurdle we would suddenly find unexpected direction from the Rebbe via a video clip, shared story or anecdote, and simply within the Rebbe's teachings. Bais Chana is founded on the Rebbe's groundbreaking approach to educating teens."

In preparation for their first school year, they are launching their first annual fundraising campaign to help their students on scholarships and expand their learning experiences and programming for the year. This campaign will be the start of building the foundation of Bais Chana.

Your support will bring Bais Chana to life. Join us!

Join us as we bring this vision to life

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