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Hebrew / English Planner Published!

Bais Chana High School has published another Hebrew/English Planner!

Just in time for the upcoming school year, BCHS is thrilled to be offering the student-made beautiful and convenient Hebrew/English Planner again for the upcoming year August 2023/Av 5783 - July 2024/Tammuz 5784! This year there is also a blue edition option as well.

This publication is a representation of the goals of Bais Chana High School. Empowering girls to use their talents for positivity and sharing their abilities with the world, the school is based on the Rebbe’s directives to inspire the powerful abilities of today’s youth. The foundation of the school has been built on such directives, encouraging students to grow and express themselves both inside and outside of the classroom.

Going into its 2nd year, Bais Chana High School is excited to be expanding to over 20 students and a 2nd dorm! With a focus on growth and connection, BCHS brings chassidus into every area of life. The girls' well-being emotionally, socially, and academically has been taken into account, and it has been addressed practically through the very framework and class schedule of the school. With a thoroughly planned, engaging, and integrative 4 year curriculum, the girls are set up for success from the start.

The Hebrew/English planner includes a monthly and weekly view of all of the English and Hebrew dates, parshiyos listed each week, yomim tovim, chassidishe yomim tovim, inspirational weekly quotes and pisgamim, space for to-do lists, and more. They are being sold individually or to schools for personalization. They are user friendly for all ages and come in pink or blue versions.

Bais Chana High School will be having their annual campaign the last week of August to enable everybody to be a part of this amazing initiative. Please look out for more information closer to the date!

For more information please see or email

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