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Welcome to Bais Chana High School!

What you – and your daughters – have been waiting for!

The high school designed for your daughter is here.

Welcome to Bais Chana High School, opening in Brandywine Valley.

By Mrs. Kesem Mia Hetzrony

At Bais Chana, classroom teachings are life lessons, designed to empower students to live as confident, educated, and joyful women. Here, “Torah Milashon Hora’ah” is the very fabric and fiber of every aspect of the curriculum.

Bais Chana teachers are excited about what they teach, but they are passionate about who they teach. As Bais Chana’s founder, Mrs. Rochel Flikshtein, explains, “The Rebbe spoke about the incredible power of youth. Today’s teenagers are inspired and uplifted when they truly feel that their emotional, spiritual, and academic success is our ultimate priority.”

As a CTeen director, renowned speaker for Lubavitcher high school girls, and personal mashpia and mentor to many, Mrs. Flikshtein not only has a grasp on what today’s girls need – she has a drive to provide it.

Her first step was to create an incredible “dream team” of Rabbanim, Mechanchos and Shluchos for consultation, including Rav Shmuel Lew, Rabbi Shais Taub, Mrs. Dena Gorkin and Mrs. Nechama Laber, and other phenomenal educators. Their guidance reverberates in every detail and nuance of Bais Chana.

Beginning with a 9th grade class for the 2022-2023 school year, Bais Chana’s curriculum is based on applied Chassidus, with applicable learning through analytical and experiential opportunities embedded cross-curricularly. With seasoned teachers on staff like Mrs. Batsheva Davidson and Mrs. Doba Rivka Weber, the high level of academics being provided allows the teens to embrace a growth mindset while learning skills for independent thinking and learning.

Bais Chana gives the opportunity for girls to dorm, and it is in close proximity to many communities, 2.5 hours from New York, 1.5 hours from Baltimore, and 40 minutes from Philadelphia. Focusing on the fact that education is truly a wholesome experience, Bais Chana also offers a full extracurricular program for girls to learn life long skills and have varying opportunities for success.

Bais Chana has announced that they’re excited to be opening registration next week!

Tune in to a special expert panel on chinuch for teenage girls by the Consultant Vaad HaChinuch - R’ Shais Taub, R’ Shmuel Lew, R’ Mendy Levin, and R’ Yitzchak Wolf - at 4 PM on Sunday, March 20th.

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